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What's a Yiayia?

Jump into the magic of What’s a Yiayia? by Elane Fees! This amazing children’s book unfolds the playful story of Little Eva and her Greek grandmother, Yiayia. Bursting with heartwarming moments, the story celebrates family love and the joy of everyday adventures. In this tale, Little Eva discovers the wonders of kindergarten with her extraordinary Yiayia by her side. This book is a pure delight for young minds!

• What's a Yiayia? offers an experience that relates to young children, preparing them to uphold the necessary values for a brighter future.

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What's a Yiayia?

A Heartwarming Tales of Family

The Magic Gumball Tree

Uncovering how a father brought magic into his daughters' lives through simple acts.

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Elane Fees – A Stellar Children's Author

What's a Yiayia?

Meet Elane Fees, the creative mind behind What’s a Yiayia? As the maestro behind these relatable kid’s tales, Elane draws inspiration from her cherished memories of her Greek heritage. She crafts delightful stories of love and warmth, creating adventures that give readers indelible lessons. Through her writing, Elane brings joy and wonder to children, inviting them into exciting worlds of imagination.

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The Timeless Allure of Magical Childhood Moments

In life’s narrative, childhood emerges as an enchanting chapter. This phase, bathed in the warm glow of innocence, invites us to explore the timeless allure of moments that leave an indelible imprint on our memories. These snapshots of joy, laughter, and discovery form an indelible part of our life story.

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Illuminating Imagination: Lessons from ‘What’s a Yiayia?’

When it comes to children’s literature, one book stands out, capturing the imaginations of young readers and illuminating the magic of storytelling. What’s a Yiayia? by Elane Fees explores the whimsical universe of Little Eva and her Greek grandmother, Yiayia. This blog reveals the lessons within this heartwarming tale that

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Father and Daughters: Crafting Special Bonds Through Imagination

The beauty of a father-daughter relationship shines in the heartfelt expressions of love, where guidance meets independence, and laughter resonates through shared dreams and cherished moments. Here in this blog, we will discuss The Magic Gumball Tree, uncovering how a father brought magic into his daughters’ lives through simple acts.

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